I am Tommy Doyle, lifelong resident of Lee County and I am running for Supervisor of Elections in Lee County.  I believe that we must protect your right to vote and that starts with an elections office that is a professionally run operation with honesty, transparency and integrity at the core of everything we do.

My family business has been in Lee County for nearly 70 years and the reason we have been successful is that we focus on excellent customer service, scrutinize every dollar and embrace innovation. I think the Supervisor of Elections should be held to those same standards.

When you vote in Lee County I want every voter to believe that their vote is safe, secure and counted and that their tax dollars are being spent wisely. 

That is the job of the Supervisor of Elections and that is my commitment to you.

You have the right to vote.  Together we will protect that right.

"The Supervisor of Election is entrusted with the most important part of democracy - your right to vote." - Tommy Doyle

Candidate Tommy Doyle